Volunteer Firefighter TrainingThe Georgia Public Safety Training Center recognizes the extraordinary and dedicated efforts of Georgia’s volunteer firefighters and strives to provide convenient, relevant and effective training that meets the needs of volunteers. Volunteer firefighters who are employed in Georgia may attend training at the GPSTC free of charge and are eligible for free lodging.

Volunteer firefighters must become registered with the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council and, if doing so, must complete a live fire training requirement to become Registered Volunteer Firefighters.

Basic Training

GPSTC offers a 95-hour basic training program entitled Basic Volunteer Firefighter with Live Fire that will satisfy a volunteer firefighter’s training requirement to become registered with the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (GFSTC). Volunteer Support Firefighters who do not enter a live fire zone are required to complete the Georgia Support Firefighter course located on gfstconline.org and they must also complete the Volunteer Registration Package found on the website to become registered with GFSTC.

Additionally, volunteer firefighters may choose, but are not required, to earn state firefighter certification by completing the 340-hour Basic Firefighter Training Program. Both the Basic Firefighter and Basic Volunteer Firefighter with Live Fire training programs are conducted at our main campus in Forsyth. For more information on certification, registration requirements and testing please visit the Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council’s website. 

In-Service Training

The Georgia Fire Academy also offers 3-hour in-service training geared toward the volunteer/combination fire department.

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