Do you have a question for GPSTC? Below are some of our students’ and customers’ most frequently asked questions (FAQs). If you find that you still need assistance, you may contact our front desk by phone at (478) 993-4000. You can browse for a specific employee or department on our contact us page.

In Georgia, the peace officer certification process is regulated by the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST). Candidates interested in becoming a peace officer in Georgia must complete an application with POST prior to enrolling in GPSTC’s Basic Police Officer Training Program.

Candidates pursuing Basic Training at GPSTC must meet the following minimum requirements: be at least 18 years old, be a citizen of the United States, have a high school diploma or its equivalent, not have been convicted of a crime for which the punishment could have been imprisonment, undergo a background investigation, be fingerprinted, undergo a physical examination, complete an entrance exam, and be interviewed by the manager of the GPSTC Regional Academy where the student will attend training.

Upon meeting or completing the above requirements, candidates may enroll in GPSTC’s Basic Law Enforcement Training Program. The training is a rigorous program that takes 11 weeks to complete. After a candidate has completed the program, they are eligible for POST certification and for employment as an entry-level law enforcement officer.

The Basic Law Enforcement Training Program is taught by the GPSTC staff at the main campus in Forsyth or at one of eight satellite training facilities located throughout the state. If you are interested in becoming a Peace Officer, please call the regional academy that you are interested in attending.

Georgia’s firefighter certification process is regulated by the Georgia Fire Standards and Training Council. Candidates interested in pursuing a career as a certified firefighter may enroll in the Georgia Public Safety Training Center’s (GPSTC) Basic Firefighter Training Course prior to making application with GFSTC if they meet the following minimum requirements: are at least 18 years old, have completed a medical release affidavit, have completed CPR certification, and have completed NIMS level 100 and 700 training, available on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) website.

GPSTC’s Basic Firefighter Training is an intense program that will test candidates, both mentally and physically. The program takes 8 weeks to complete, and is conducted at GPSTC’s main campus in Forsyth. Upon completion of GPSTC’s Basic Firefighter Training Program, students will sit for the GFSTC written NPQ Firefighter I test, which, upon passing, earns students state certification as a firefighter. Students will also have the option of taking an additional skills test to earn National Firefighter I certification.

If you are certified in another state or were a federal peace officer and have not had more than a three (3) year break in service, you may be eligible to exempt portions of the Georgia Basic Law Enforcement Training Course. If you feel that you meet this requirement,  you may request an equivalency rating from the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST). In your written request, you must include:

    1. Your basic course completion certificate
    2. A copy of your state-issued certification, and
    3. Law enforcement history (resume)

For more information contact the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council.

If the class you took was an independent online course, please allow 48 hours for the credit to show on your POST records. Classroom-based courses and online courses that are blended or instructor led are not uploaded until the instructor or course coordinator delivers a completed roster to the Registrar’s Office, which can take up to seven days. If your classroom-based course hours are not reflected after 14 days, or your online course hours are not reflected after 48 hours, you should contact the Registrar’s Office at (478) 993-4458.

GPSTC makes every effort to accommodate your requests to attend training. If the class you’d like to take appears full, we encourage you to register for it anyway so that you can be placed on the waiting list. Often the instructor can add additional students from the waiting list.

If you have not received confirmation of acceptance into the course at least 48 hours prior to the course beginning and you decide to try to walk on, we cannot guarantee that you will be placed in the class.

Certified personnel of the following types of agencies qualify for GPSTC’s regular, classroom-based courses free of charge with the approval of their agency head or training officer:

    1. State, county, and municipal law enforcement offices
    2. Fire agencies listed with GFSTC
    3. Resident agencies; staff of State of Georgia agencies
    4. Certain judicial agencies such as district attorney’s offices, solicitor’s offices, courts, and state marshals

Federal officers, out-of-state officers and private citizens may take many of GPSTC’s courses on a space-available basis.  The cost of tuition for advanced courses is $15 per course hour. To register for courses, please create an account under GPSTC Access and register for your course.

Students employed by a local or state public safety agency who attend training courses are not charged for standard, double-occupancy barrack rooms.

Students who are attending a basic certification course and are sponsored by a paid or volunteer public safety agency are not charged for standard, double-occupancy barrack rooms.

Employees of federal agencies, out-of-state agencies and private sector organizations must pay for lodging.

>>Need more information including barrack room rates? Take a look at our student eligibility page

You can easily view all of the courses at GPSTC by browsing our complete course catalog, or you can view upcoming courses by visiting our course calendar. You may also view our growing number of online course offerings that may be taken on demand.

Students may currently register for all GPSTC courses online via the GPSTC Access page.

Students may register to take courses by logging into your GPSTC Access page from the link on each online course description page. If you have never taken classes at GPSTC, you will need to setup an account by choosing “Setup GPSTC Account.”

Everything that you need to bring with you to the class you have registered for is listed in the course description. If anything else is needed, the course coordinator or instructor will email you before the first day of class.

If your course has a manual or materials that need to be printed, they will be located in your GPSTC Access page. Simply log into your page and select the course you have registered for select the manuals or materials you would like to print.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center maintains records of every class you’ve taken at GPSTC. Additionally, all course-related materials that you need for upcoming classes that you are currently registered for are available as well. Simply sign into your GPSTC Access page. If you have not yet set up your online account, choose “Setup GPSTC Account.”

Keep in mind that GPSTC only keeps records of classes taken at GPSTC. If you have taken GA POST-certified training courses at any other training facility, they should appear on your GA POST record. Please contact the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council  for questions regarding your GA POST record.

Many certificates for courses that you have completed will be located in your GPSTC Access page. Simply log on with your user ID and password to see which certificates you can access. If you do not see the certificate you are looking for, please contact the Office of the Registrar at  for reprints. There is a fee for re-printing and mailing certificates.

Agency Administrators for Georgia’s public safety agencies can access their agency transcripts, agency roster, and complete online registration for staff members via the GPSTC Access page using your GPSTC ID and password.

Agencies determine who within the agency can register students for classes. They designate those individuals as Agency Administrators in our registration system. Some agencies allow students to register themselves for courses through the GPSTC Access link on each online course description page. Others reserve the right to register to agency administrators. If you are not sure, check with your agency’s training officer or agency head.

The Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council has the statutory authority for issuing all certifications involving peace officers in Georgia. An excellent description of the requirements for any GA POST certification is available on the GA POST website along with the relevant applications including Intermediate and Advanced applications.

The following courses, many of which are offered at GPSTC, are needed to advance through Intermediate and Advanced certification.

Intermediate (158 course hours)
Interpersonal Relations
Criminal Procedure
Health & Wellness
Emergency Medical Responder
Officer Survival

Advanced (152 course hours)
Advanced Report Writing
Advanced Traffic Law
Advanced Firearms
Crime Scene Processing
Interviews & Interrogations
Search Warrants & Affidavits
Specialized Patrol Techniques

The physical standards vary based on the requirements of the agency that employs you. Although the minimum requirements for Peace Officer Certification are set forth in the Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Act (O.C.G.A. 35-8), these represent only the minimum state physical requirements. Individual peace officer agencies routinely require more than the state minimums. You may find more information at the POST website at:

As far as the physical requirements for GPSTC, there are no across-the-board physical requirements past the state minimums with the exception of special courses and basic mandate courses offered by one of our resident agencies (e.g. Georgia State Patrol, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Department of Natural Resources). Those limited occurrence special courses, which include several physical fitness programs, give the requirements for each course in the course description listed in our calendar. You may learn more about these courses by browsing our course catalog.

The Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council (POST) is the agency that certifies all peace officer training in the state of Georgia. Peace Officers are required to obtain 20 hours of POST-certified training each year.

Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
5000 Austell-Powder Springs Road
Suite 261
Austell, Georgia 30106
Phone: (770) 732-5974
Fax: (770) 732-5952

The Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (GFSTC) is the agency that certifies all firefighter training in the state of Georgia. Firefighters are required to obtain 24 hours of GFSTC-certified training each year.

Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council
1000 Indian Springs Drive
Forsyth, GA 31029-9599
Phone: (478) 993-4524

From GPSTC Access, select either “Forgot Student ID” or “Forgot Password”, as appropriate.  If you do not remember your Student ID, providing your Social Security Number will allow you to access your account, which will then reveal your Student ID.  If you do not remember your password, please enter all requested information, including a new password, which you will provide and confirm (re-enter).  The Registrar’s Office will also be able to provide your Student ID Number, if needed.

Quite often, agency firewalls block our return emails.  Please re-submit your student information using the “Forgot Student ID” link, and enter a personal email address rather than an agency email address.  This should allow you to receive return correspondence.  If you continue to have difficulties in accessing your account, contact the Registrar’s Office at 478-993-4458, or at [email protected].

Agencies may cancel future training for students via their GPSTC Access account. We encourage early cancellations or substitutions, when possible. This allows others the opportunity to be accepted into the course.

Agencies Administrators may confirm the status of upcoming training for their employees via the GPSTC Access account on our website. Individual students may confirm their personal status via the GPSTC Access account.

If you are purchasing the meal card using a Visa or MasterCard payment, please contact the Registrar’s Office at [email protected].  Please include in the e-mail the name of the student/class that meals are needed for, along with contact information of how to reach you.

Agencies purchasing meal tickets are encouraged to do so no later than noon on Friday of the week prior to training, however, meal tickets are also available for purchase during regular business hours from the Front Desk or the Fiscal Services Division. For more information on meal plans, meal tickets and pre-payment for meals, please visit our student eligibility and tuition page or contact Fiscal Services at 478-993-4403 to set up a billing account.

Agency Administrators can now manage the agency personnel rosters via the GPSTC Access page.

To register for a BAT/Intox recertification course being offered on the Forsyth Campus of GPSTC, please send an e-mail to [email protected] .  To register for Recertification courses being held at the Regional Academy locations, please complete, and either fax or mail the Student Authorization Form for the appropriate academy to their location.  Registration for Basic BAT/Intox courses, as well as the I-9000 Transition courses, may only be completed via the Georgia Bureau of Investigation Division of Forensic Sciences webpage.