The Georgia Fire Academy is now offering 3-hour in-service training geared toward the volunteer/combination fire department. These topics are based on the Basic Firefighter curriculum.

The following is a list of in-service topics available:

Fire Origin and Cause Determination                                            Building Construction
Forcible Entry                                                                                    Personal Protective Equipment
Structural Search, Victim Removal, and Firefighter Survival     Fire Hose
Ropes, Webbing, and Knots                                                            Loss Control
Portable Fire Extinguishers                                                             Fire Behavior
Fire Department Communications                                                Water Supply
Firefighter Safety and Health                                                          Tactical Ventilation
Fire and Life Safety Initiatives                                                         Ladders

These in-service topics will be taught by instructors provided by the Georgia Fire Academy and will receive credit and certificates from GPSTC. Fill out the form below or contact Mark Millirons or Danny Stephens at 478-993-4315 for information about the classes and how to schedule these in-service topics for your fire department.

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