Basic Police Officer TrainingThe Basic Mandate Law Enforcement program at GPSTC is the top police officer training program in the state of Georgia and is designed for applicants who are interested in becoming law enforcement officers. The program is takes 11 weeks to complete and consists of 408 hours of rigorous training that includes classroom-based lecture and practical skills building sessions. As mandated by state law, all police officers in Georgia must complete this training in order to earn certification through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council (POST).

Students who wish to enroll in the Basic Mandate Law Enforcement program for certification and who are currently employed by a law enforcement agency should contact their supervisor for details. Civilians who wish to attend Basic Mandate to become police officers may do so as pre-service candidates and should carefully read the GPSTC web page on how to become a police officer in Georgia.

The Basic Mandate Law Enforcement program is conducted at our main campus in Forsyth as well as eight regional academies and one contract academy, which are located throughout the state.

Length of Program: 11 weeks
Tuition: $3,093
Fees: Approximately $700  
Dates Offered: View dates the program is offered
Locations offered: All GPSTC Regional Academies