Tuition-Free Training for Students who QualifyTuition-Free Students

Georgia public safety personnel who are employed by a state, county, or municipal agency may attend training classes at GPSTC tuition-free under the sponsorship of their employing agency. More than three decades ago, the Georgia General Assembly recognized the need to provide the state’s citizens with highly skilled public safety professionals. GPSTC was established as a promise to provide the best training environment possible for those who risk their lives to keep the public safe. Since that time, Georgia’s lawmakers have continued to honor this fundamental duty of government and GPSTC continues to provide free training to Georgia’s qualified public safety personnel.

Paid-Tuition Students

Public safety officers who are not affiliated with a state, county, or municipal agency in Georgia, who are employed in public safety out-of-state, or who perform a safety function in the private sector may attend classes with vacant seats at a cost of $15 per course hour. Federal employees, military personnel, and private citizens may also attend selected GPSTC training courses with vacant seats on a paid-tuition basis.

Basic Training Recruits

For those who are interested in beginning a career in public safety by becoming a police officer, firefighter, but are not yet employed by a local agency, GPSTC offers the best tuition rates in the state for its basic certification courses.