Basic Training Division

Chadd Wilson, Division Director
Linda Clements, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4622
Fax: (478) 993-4295

The Basic Training Division conducts Georgia’s basic, state-mandated training for the law enforcement officers, jail officers and communications officers. In addition to the main campus in Forsyth, the division operates eight regional academies in Athens, Forsyth, Pickens, Columbia/Richmond, Columbus, Rome, Savannah, and Tifton.

Georgia Police Academy

Bruce Stanford, Division Director
Sheree Daniel-Salabert, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4499
Fax: (478) 993-4497

The Georgia Police Academy provides advanced and specialized training for Georgia’s certified law enforcement officers in dozens of instructional areas including: criminal investigations, traffic safety and enforcement, police operations, legal death and forensic investigations, drug investigations, community-oriented policing, and counter-terrorism.

Georgia Fire Academy

Ike McConnell, Division Director
Mary Greenfield, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4670
Fax: (478) 993-4671

The Georgia Fire Academy oversees all training—both basic and advanced—for career and volunteer firefighters in the state of Georgia. As a division of GPSTC, the Fire Academy operates out of the main campus in Forsyth, Georgia and conducts training at offsite locations. Additionally, the National Fire Academy (NFA) has designated the Georgia Fire Academy to host and deliver national training programs, developed by NFA, to firefighters in Georgia.

Instructional Services Division

Cheryl Greathouse, Division Director
Wanda Freeman, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4263
Fax: (478) 993-4647

The Instructional Services Division provides training in three major areas: Online Learning, Basic Communications Officer Training, and Instructor Certification Training. The Online Learning program allows Georgia’s public safety officials to enroll in online training modules for POST credit. The Basic Communications Officer Training program conducts Georgia’s basic, state-mandated training for communications officers. The Instructor Certification Training program allows Georgia’s public safety officials to become certified to train other public safety personnel in their local jurisdictions. The Instructional Services Division is also responsible for the Student Services and Technical Services sections.

Crisis Intervention Team

Andy Garner, Program Supervisor
Angie Grogan, Program Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4235
Fax: (478) 993-4237

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is a dynamic collaboration of professionals committed to people with mental illness and other brain disorders. The CIT program is presented by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Mental Health, Development Disabilities, Addictive Diseases, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, and Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Inc.