To support its core mission of training Georgia’s public safety personnel, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center operates several administrative offices including: Fiscal Services, Student Services, Instructional Services, Human Resources, Public Information and Support Services. Details for each office are listed below.

Fiscal Services

The Fiscal Services Division handles all of the budget, procurement, and payment issues for the Training Center.

Cindy Jones, Comptroller
Shirley McGraw
, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4427
Fax: (478) 993-4406

[email protected]
(478) 993-4662

Accounts Receivable
[email protected]
(478) 993-4403

Accounts Payable
[email protected]
(478) 993-4446

Contract Specialist
[email protected]
(478) 993-4442

Student Services

Student Services Manages the registration function, student training records, and facilities and scheduling.

Student Services Registrar
[email protected]
(478) 993-4458

Facility and Scheduling
[email protected]
(478) 993-4413

Instructional Services

The Instructional Services section supports the delivery of training and the business operations of the Training Center.

Audio-Visual Services
[email protected]
(478) 993-4425

Printing Services
[email protected]
(478) 993-4245

Human Resources

The Human Resources Department is responsible for advertising position vacancies, recruiting and screening job applicants, facilitating interviews, personnel management, career counseling, new employee training and other staff-related administrative functions.

Melanie Edmiston, Personnel Services Officer
[email protected]

(478) 993-4417

Public Information

The GPSTC Public Information Officers handle all media inquiries. The Social Media Coordinator publishes news stories, maintains website content, and manages the Training Center's social media presence. The Open Records Custodian responds to Open Records Act Requests.

John Hutcheson, Public Information Officer
(478) 993-4368

Sabrina Kimbrell, Public Information Officer
(478) 993-4392

Social Media
[email protected]
(478) 993-4636

Open Records Custodian
[email protected]
(478) 993-4416

Support Services

The Support Services Division is composed of several operational units with multiple functions including facilities, food services, physical plant, housekeeping and security.

Rodney Bostick, Division Director
Cathy Thompson, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4346
Fax: (478) 993-4355

Food Services Manager
[email protected]
(478) 993-4420

[email protected]
(478) 993-4251

About Us

Welcome to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), the state’s premier training facility for all state and local public safety-related units of government including police officers, firefighters, 911 operators, coroners, emergency management officers, rescue officers, jail officers and other emergency service personnel.

With a focus on developing the best public safety training possible, we offer hundreds of top-notch courses for personnel of all levels, across multiple fields of expertise. Several of our programs have received national recognition. We invite you to discover all that GPSTC has to offer.

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