To maintain its status as the best public safety training center in the southeast, GPSTC instructors devote significant time and resources to curriculum development, and these methods have proven to deliver the most effective training in the state for law enforcement officers, firefighters, communications officers and other public safety personnel. It should be no surprise to learn that many of courses offered at GPSTC have been nationally recognized or qualify attendees for national or even international certification. Furthermore, GPSTC is committed to developing the careers of public safety professionals. In addition to the POST certifications of Intermediate and Advanced, GPTSC also offers several specialized certifications for police officers at the state, national and international level. Through GPSTC’s Georgia Fire Academy, firefighters can earn a variety NPQ certifications. Finally, in an effort to best serve public safety professionals throughout the state, GPSTC is constantly growing its online training offerings. This service provides Georgia’s safety officers with relevant training in a cost effective and convenient format.