Student Eligibility & Tuition Tuition-Free Eligibility Criteria

Georgia Public Safety officers are eligible to attend GPSTC training tuition-free under the sponsorship of their agency provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. They are attending a program which is eligible. All GPSTC training courses are eligible. Some GPSTC conferences and symposiums may not be eligible. Programs hosted by resident or outside agencies may not be eligible.
  2. They are currently employed with an eligible agency. Eligible agencies are as follows:
    • State, county, and municipal public safety agencies
    • Resident agencies whose benefits are specified in their contract
    • Judicial agencies such as Georgia district attorney’s, courts, solicitors and state marshals
    • State of Georgia non-public safety agencies
  3. Their agency head or the agency head’s designated representative has approved the student for training.
  4. The student’s attendance must not be prohibited by any legislation, Attorney General’s opinion or Board of Public Safety policy.

Tuition will apply to privately funded/for-profit law enforcement agencies, unless attending a Grant-funded course. Tuition will be assessed according to agency eligibility, not the personal certification/sworn status of the student.

Tuition Rates for Non-Eligible Students

Basic Training:

Pre-service basic training candidates are accepted on a tuition basis at rates specified in the current fee schedule:

Basic Mandate Program Tuition Program Length Additional Fees/Notes
Basic Law Enforcement $3,093 408 hrs Approximately $700
Basic Firefighter $5,175 345 hrs Students must provide NFPA compliant gear
Basic Jail Officer $1,200 80 hrs Tuition is ONLY due for applicants who have been employed with an agency more than six months
Basic Communications Officer $600 40 hrs Tuition is ONLY due for applicants who have been employed with an agency more than six months
Basic Coroner $600 40 hrs Tuition is due for all students and should be paid to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center

Advanced & Specialized Training:

All state, county, and municipal law enforcement agencies not designated above; out-of-state public safety officials; federal, private, and military agencies; and private citizens may attend most GPSTC training courses on a space available-basis at a rate of $15 per course hour. Additional fees may be applied to courses with significant supply costs. Tuition does not include meals.

Repeat Students

A tuition fee is charged to all students (both tuition eligible and tuition ineligible) who elect to repeat a class due to course failure. The tuition rate is $15 per course hour for all courses. Students who elect to repeat a basic mandate course are charged a specific tuition fee for the type of course being repeated:

Mandate Repeat Tuition
EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operations Course) $405
Firearms $280

Lodging Eligibility

Students employed by a state, county, or municipal public safety agency that attend training courses are not charged for standard double or triple occupancy barrack rooms. Students who are attending basic certification are not charged for standard double or triple occupancy barrack rooms. Basic students must lodge in a double or triple occupancy capacity (as assigned), and do not have the option for private or Premium rooms.  Employees of federal agencies, out-of-state agencies and private sector organizations, must pay for lodging. The following rates apply:  

Barrack Room Type Eligible Personnel Non-Eligible Personnel
Standard (double occupancy) Free $15 per night
Standard (triple occupancy) Free $15 per night

Standard (single occupancy, space available)

$15 per night $30 per night
Premium (single occupancy only) $40 per night $40 per night

Meal Eligibility

All students are required to pay for meals. Meals can be purchased at the point of sale in the cafeteria where receipts are provided. The GPSTC cafeteria accepts cash, Visa, MasterCard, and debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo.

Agencies purchasing meal cards are encouraged to do so no later than noon on Friday of the week prior to training. To purchase a meal card, please login to the GPSTC website ( Once logged in, navigate to “Classes” > “Class Registrations” and then navigate to the student’s name. Click the button labeled “Purchase Meal Plan” beside the student’s name. To allow for cancellations, a request for a meal card can be made no earlier than two weeks before the start date of the class. You will need to follow these steps for each student attending training in Forsyth that you would like to purchase a meal plan for.

Meal cards cannot be purchased for students on the waiting list. If the student is accepted into the class, a meal card can be purchased after the Registrar has officially added them to the roster. The purchased meal card can be picked up from Student Services the day after purchase.

Students who lose their meal cards must pay a $5.00 “lost card” fee and will be issued a new card.

Acceptance Priorities:

For GPSTC training courses, tuition eligibility status is evaluated for priority acceptance purposes. Students are accepted into Training Courses in the following order: county and municipal public safety agencies (both paid and volunteer); state public safety agencies; out-of-state public safety agencies; non-public safety agencies; private citizens.