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How to Register

Public Safety Agency Administrators can register students online and receive immediate registration status.

Acceptance Limitations

Students are prevented from applying for more than one opening of a course as well as applying for more than one course during the same time period. Students are generally prevented from registering for a course if three employees from the same agency are also registered for the course.

Students can be accepted into no more than three classes at a time during the three month registration period. Some mandatory sequential classes may be exempt.

No-Show Policy

A no-show for a course denies another person the opportunity to receive training. We urge Agency Administrators to register a qualified person as a substitute, or submit a cancellation in advance. Students or agencies that accrue more than two no-shows may be denied future training opportunities.

Wait Listed Students

If placed on the waiting list, students may not be registered for any other class with the same title, nor any class that starts or ends during the same period. The waiting list is for the specified course only. If the student is not selected for the class before the start date, the registration will be cancelled.

About Us

Welcome to the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC), the state’s premier training facility for all state and local public safety-related units of government including police officers, firefighters, 911 operators, coroners, emergency management officers, rescue officers, jail officers and other emergency service personnel.

With a focus on developing the best public safety training possible, we offer hundreds of top-notch courses for personnel of all levels, across multiple fields of expertise. Several of our programs have received national recognition. We invite you to discover all that GPSTC has to offer.

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