Narcotics Investigator CertificationGeorgia’s multi-jurisdictional drug task forces and state and local drug enforcement units face significant legal and civil challenges to several drug enforcement cases. These cases are often widely publicized and the investigative methods and techniques used during these investigations must withstand strict scrutiny from judges, juries and the public. To better prepare officers to meet these challenges, GPSTC offers a Narcotics Investigator Certification training program, which thoroughly prepares its graduates to perform as successful drug enforcement specialists responsible for enforcing Georgia Laws and the Georgia Controlled Substances Act.
Completion of the Narcotics Investigator program leads to certification as a narcotics investigator through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council.

Eligibility & Pre-requisites

Candidates seeking to enroll in GPSTC’s Narcotics Investigator program, which leads to POST certification as a narcotics investigator must meet the following requirements:
  1. Have at least three years of experience as a sworn law enforcement officer
  2. Have a least one year of experience as a full-time narcotic investigator
  3. Must be currently assigned to a criminal investigative division assigned to investigate narcotic crimes or work for a multi-jurisdictional drug task force


Candidates must complete the following courses to become eligible to apply for certification as a Narcotics Investigator:

Total program course hours: 448

Narcotic Investigator Certification Test

Students who have completed all courses or their equivalent will be able to make application to the Georgia Police Academy to take the final certification exam. The exam will consist of a cognitive test and performance test that will measure the applicant’s level of competence in each topic area. Applicants must attain a final score of 80% on both the cognitive and performance test for each topic area to receive certification. Applicants who show deficiency in a particular topic area must successfully complete a course of instruction in that topic area before the final certification exam.