Firearms Section

Firearms Training SectionThe Georgia Police Academy’s Firearms Section develops and delivers training courses related to all aspects of firearms training. Each year, the section conducts basic training courses such as Semi-Automatic Pistol I, Judgmental Pistol Shooting, Patrol Rifle, and Shotgun Skills training. These courses are perfect for the officer who has recently graduated from a Basic Mandate course and needs to enhance marksmanship skills, as well as for the veteran officer who needs a refresher in basic shooting marksmanship.

In addition to basic training courses, the section offers a wide variety of classes to broaden an officer’s skill level with pistols, rifles, shotguns and submachine guns. Course offerings include Semi-Automatic Pistol II & III, Officer Survival, Active Shooter, Conceal Carry Handgun, and Submachine Gun training. These classes greatly improve an officer’s knowledge, skill level and confidence in their ability to shoot their weapons.

As part of its initiative to offer advanced specialized training, the Firearms Section teaches S.W.A.T. and Counter Sniper (levels 1 and 2) courses. Officers attending these training classes must be members of a Special Reaction or S.W.A.T. team or be assigned to a Counter Sniper team. Additionally, the section offers an 80-hour Firearms Instructor class and a 40-hour Shotgun Instructor course.

Firing Ranges

The Firearms Section maintains eight training ranges. They include two 25-yard pistol ranges with 26 targets each, a multiple purpose range with 28 target frames and a running man target system, a reactionary steel range, a crime scene range that includes a live fire house, a 50-yard shotgun range with 44 target frames, a rifle range with 200-yard targets and a long rifle range with targets out to 550 yards.

The Firearms Section at GPSTC is one of only two training facilities in Georgia to teach the Reactionary Shooting concept with a four-day advanced training block that is taught as a segment in our Semi-Automatic Pistol III course. All shooting within this block is conducted on our reactionary steel range.

Mock Village

Finally, the Firearms Section oversees operations within GPSTC’s mock village. The mock village consists of a classroom and six buildings modeled after structures found in a typical Georgia town—a bank, an office building, a convenience store, a motel, a warehouse and a residence.  Training courses that take place in the mock village include: Active Shooter, Counter Sniper II, Officer Survival and S.W.A.T. training.  During this training, students learn building entry, searches, and building clearance and use “role playing” scenarios that represent situations an officer might typically encounter. These scenarios enhance training for students because they best replicate the real world.

The warehouse within the mock village is equipped with state-of-the-art camera surveillance equipment and trainees may wear helmet cams that record their movements. Instructors are then able to provide a comprehensive critique of an officer’s performance.