Within GPSTC’s Georgia Police Academy, five distinct sections and programs develop curricula to provide officers with an exceptional variety of specialized and advanced training courses that cover virtually every aspect of law enforcement.

  • Law Enforcement Operations
  • Special Services
  • Firearms and Tactics Training
  • Driver Training
  • Coroner Training

Law Enforcement Operations Section

The Law Enforcement Operations Section offers training courses that equip officers with the skills necessary to conduct successful criminal and traffic related investigations. General areas of instruction within this section include: crimes against persons, crimes against property, drug enforcement investigations, forensics, traffic crash investigations, drug recognition, DUI apprehension, and other traffic related activities.

Special Services Section

The Special Services Section develops and delivers an intense and challenging training curriculum that provides public safety officers with the critical skills necessary to conduct daily operations while ensuring the highest levels of professionalism are retained.

Courses offered within the Special Services Section teach officers essential and critical skills in a wide range of subject areas including: Professional development, family violence, legal aspects of law enforcement, and basic school resource officer training. The section places emphasis on providing students a broad knowledge of public safety, a solid foundation of management and supervision, and a realistic assessment of performance.

Firearms and Tactics Section

The Georgia Police Academy’s Firearms Training Section develops and delivers training courses related to all aspects of firearms, tactical, and defensive and survival tactics. The Firearms Training Section has three sub-sections: Marksmanship, Tactical Skills, and Technical Skills Sections (formerly the Physical Training Section).

Driver Training Section

The Driver Training Section here at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center strives to provide the most realistic driver training possible to veteran officers not only from across the State, but across the Nation.  This section includes Staff Instructors comprised of a broad spectrum of training and experience.

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training

The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is a dynamic collaboration of professionals committed to people with mental illness and other brain disorders. The CIT program is presented by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in collaboration with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities, and the Georgia Chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Coroner Training Section

A subsection within the Law Enforcement Operations Section, GPSTC’s Coroner Training Program provides required annual training to Georgia’s elected coroners and deputy coroners. This training provides a foundation of skills upon which a coroner will fulfill their duty to the public.