Arson Investigator Certification TrainingArson is one of the leading causes of fires and deaths due to fire in the United States. According to a National Fire Protection Association report from 2010, intentional fires cost $1.2 billion in direct property damage. At the same time, the legal climate for investigating and prosecuting cases of arson has become much more demanding and complex. For these reasons, GPSTC developed its Arson Investigation Certification program in 1995 as an effort to prevent fraud and protect life and property. The program, which is unlike any other Arson Investigation program  in the country, effectively trains law enforcement and fire service personnel in all areas of arson investigation including: behavior of fire, motivation of the fire setter, photography and documenting the scene, evidence collection, point of origin, and interview and investigative techniques. 
Completion of the Arson Investigator program leads to certification as an arson investigator on both the state level, through the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council, and the national level, through the ProBoard.

Eligibility & Pre-requisites

Candidates seeking to enroll in GPSTC’s Arson Investigation program, which leads to POST and NPQ certification as an Arson Investigator, must meet the following requirements:
  1. Must have Peace Officer Certification OR have completed Module 1 of the State of Georgia Basic Firefighter Training course or have NPQ Firefighter I certification
  2. Must have at least six months of job experience and must be responsible for investigating fires
  3. Must submit a copy of their NCIC/GCIC criminal history dated within the last 12 months verifying that they do not have a criminal record


Candidates must complete the following courses to become eligible to apply for POST or NPQ certification as Arson Investigator:

Total program course hours: 160