On May 11, 2017, GPSTC/GFA’s Basic Firefighter Class “17-2” graduated. This class experienced unusual events that significantly raised the performance level for the future Basic Firefighter classes here at GPSTC. Class 17-2 began their training with 29 future firefighters, and completed their training without losing a single student.

“29 in 29 out” quickly became a common phrase heard among the 29 firefighter recruits throughout their training. In addition to graduating all 29, they also completed their MPQ Firefighter 1 Skills Testing without a single mistake – 100% perfect score. Class 17-2 exemplified the true meaning of the TEAM concept and the level of discipline required to be a Georgia Firefighter. Congratulations to Class 17-2! GFA and GPSTC wishes Class 17-2 a great success in their firefighting careers.





(GFA Officers Pictured) Chief Tim Taylor, Captain Chris Coogle, Captain Greg McKibben (Class 17-2 Pictured Alphabetically) Kristopher Ballinger, Tyler Brown, Geoff Burger, Robert Calhoun, Joshua Deming, Morgan Dudley,  Joshua Fowler, Timothy Frederick, Michele Gilyard, Coltin Gulledge, Ryan Haney, Alexander Harris, Travis Hass, Gabriel Hodnett, John Howell, Spencer Johnson, Alex Lawrence, John Lewis, Austin Martin, Scott Maryfield, Tanner Miller, Ryan Morgan, Marvin Peeples, Kevin Pennington, Daymian Sampson, David Sheler, Jonathan Smith, Zachary Spratlin, and Brandon Walker.  Also pictured as the beautiful patriotic back drop for Class 17-2 is the newest addition to the apparatus fleet at the GFA and Class 17-2 was the first Basic FF class to utilize the state of the art 75′ Quint, starting with early morning 75 foot climbs.


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