Congratulations to the Georgia Fire Academy’s Mike Byrd and Jeff Dean! Both have achieved career milestones. Their achievements are a culmination of many years of professional development, education, experience and service both in the profession and in the community.

Mike has earned the Chief Fire Officer Designee (CFOD) status. This designation, as described by the Public Safety Excellence website, recognizes that Mike has demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement throughout his career. He has developed a strategy for continued career improvement and development. This designation also assures departments that their leaders have the educational and technical competencies necessary to meet the demands of today’s society.

Jeff has earned the Chief Training Officer Designee (CTOD) status. He is one of very few in the country to achieve this designation. The Public Safety Excellence website explains that this program was created to recognize administrators of training and educational programs in emergency services who have demonstrated excellence and outstanding achievement throughout their career. This designation recognized Jeff’s academic achievements, practical experience, and contributions to the emergency services field through the training he provides through the Georgia Fire Academy.

Congratulations Mike and Jeff! You have made the GPSTC proud!MikeandJeff

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