Legal Section

Legal training for law enforcement officersThe Legal Training Section of the Georgia Police Academy provides law enforcement officers, training officers, supervisors and agency command staff in Georgia with current and applicable legal training in topical areas such as: criminal procedure, search & seizure for law enforcement, internal affairs investigations, search warrants and affidavits (advanced), and gang investigator’s training.

Each academic year, approximately 800 to 1,000 students enroll in the 20 scheduled legal section courses, which represents more than 1,000 instructional hours per year. Additionally, staff of the legal section routinely conducts off-site training as requested by Georgia’s law enforcement agencies, and they provide regular consultation for officers seeking expert opinions.

Section Highlights

Terrorism Training

Through the Legal Section, the Georgia Police Academy provides more than 1,300 hours of terrorism related training in approximately 46 scheduled courses each year. Some of the popular terrorism training courses include:

Crime & Intelligence Analyst Certification

The Crime & Intelligence Analyst Certification is a 148-hour program consisting of four courses that prepare students to support the investigative function as high functioning intelligence analysts. The program is sponsored California State Universities and the California Department of Justice. The credential of Certified Crime and Intelligence Analyst is awarded by the California Department of Justice