Sections & Programs

GPA Sections & ProgramsWithin GPSTC’s Georgia Police Academy, eight distinct sections and programs develop curricula to provide officers with an exceptional variety of specialized and advanced training courses that cover virtually every aspect of law enforcement.

Criminal Investigations Section

The Criminal Investigations Section offers more than 60 different training courses that equip officers with the skills necessary to conduct successful criminal investigations. General areas of instruction within this section include: crimes against persons, crimes against property, drug enforcement investigations, arson investigation and forensics.

Legal Section

The Legal Section provides Georgia’s law enforcement community with current and applicable legal training in topical areas such as: criminal procedure, search & seizure for law enforcement, internal affairs investigations, search warrants and affidavits, and gang investigator’s training. Terrorism training is also taught as a subsection within the Legal Section.

Organizational Development Section

The Organizational Development Section develops and delivers training programs related to management, supervision and personal development including all three levels of both supervision and management as well as ethics and professionalism and stress management.

Traffic Section

The Traffic Section develops and delivers training courses related to traffic law, speed enforcement techniques, DUI apprehension, and crash investigations. The Section also provides training to certify students as Drug Recognition Experts and conducts a series of courses leading to the Traffic Accident Reconstruction Specialist certification.

Firearms Section

The Firearms Section develops and conducts training courses designed to enhance marksmanship skills. The section maintains eight firing ranges and GPSTC’s mock village. The section teaches a variety of courses including:  Judgmental Pistol Shooting, Patrol Rifle, Semi-Automatic Pistol I-III, Officer Survival, Active Shooter, Conceal Carry Handgun, and Submachine Gun, S.W.A.T. and Counter Sniper.

Physical Training Section

The Physical Training Section develops practical, hands-on courses that prepare law enforcement officers for the challenging physical requirements of the profession. The training offered in this section emphasizes the importance of of physical fitness and learning the defensive and survival tactics that will ensure a safe approach to the job.

Coroner Training Program

A subsection within the Criminal Investigations Section, GPSTC’s Coroner Training Program provides required annual training to Georgia’s elected coroners and deputy coroners. This training provides a foundation of skills upon which a coroner will fulfill their duty to the public.