The Georgia Public Safety Training Center proudly participated in the 2nd Annual Public Safety Day, hosted by the 2015 Leadership Monroe class. This event was held Saturday, October 24, 2015 from 10:00am – 3:00pm. The day of family fun was dedicated to celebrating Georgia’s public safety employees and Monroe County’s designation as the Public Safety Capital of Georgia.

Jason Jones and Lee Croxton of the Georgia Police Academy were on hand to provide complimentary fingerprinting of children in attendance. Jenny Lynn Bruner and Chris Harris of the Georgia Fire Academy brought out their fire truck and allowed attendees to try on their fire fighting gear.

Other state agencies also participated. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation set up a crime scene, brought out their bomb robot, and even did a demolition demo. The Department of Corrections performed a COBRA Squad demo, the Department of Natural Resources and the Georgia State Patrol showcased their drug dogs identifying a suspicious package, and GEMA and the Department of Community Services set up informational booths.

Local agencies also participated in the fun. The Forsyth Fire Department, Monroe County Fire Department, Forsyth Police Department, Monroe County Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies provided demonstrations ranging from a car extrication/rescue, to the extinguishment of a live fire, to the opportunity to take the Police Department’s Segway for a spin.

Also on display was the in-progress Fire Safety House, an initiative of the Leadership Monroe class. The Fire Safety House will be donated to the Forsyth Fire Department upon completion for use in training Monroe County’s elementary school children on fire safety. In addition to the construction of the Fire Safety House, Leadership Monroe will be donating several new sets of gear to the Monroe County Fire Department.

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