On Tuesday, April 12, 2016, Georgia Fire Academy Chief David Wall and Deputy Chiefs Mike Byrd and Jeff Dean joined 12 fellow chiefs in the first group certified by the Georgia Association of Fire Chiefs (GAFC) during the association’s 2016 Spring Executive Training Session in Savannah.

In its first year, the program is divided into three types of certifications: Georgia Volunteer Fire Chief Certification, Georgia Chief Fire Officer Certification and Georgia Fire Chief Certification.

“We developed this program to ensure that the fire departments in the state of Georgia have qualified, credentialed, and professional leaders and managers overseeing their departments and personnel,” said 1st Vice President of GAFC Dwayne Jamison.

Certification applicants self-apply and must meet four pre-requisites including holding a Georgia Firefighter Standards and Training Council (GFSTC) State Certification in at least one of the current Fire Service Certifications and serving as a minimum of a Battalion Chief or Division Supervisor.

Applicants were also assessed on a point system reflective of their years of service, higher education achievement, level of fire office certifications, recognition for additional credentials, and the completion of the Chief Fire Officer Level 8 hour classes.

Dating back to 1952 and based in GMA’s Atlanta office, GAFC works to advance fire services in Georgia and represents more than 700 chief fire officers statewide.

GAFC Mike Dave JeffDeputy Chief Mike Byrd, Chief David Wall, Deputy Chief Jeff Dean

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