The Georgia Police Academy’s Motorcycle Crash Investigation course was held the week of December 14-18, 2015. This course is designed to provide traffic crash investigators with a better understanding of the motorcycle design, handling characteristics and highway behavior. The investigators also learn to recognize and analyze motorcycle skid mark evidence, analyze damage and calculate impact and pre-impact speeds through formulas developed for motorcycles and their riders.

As part of this training, Bruce Stanford and Truman Boyle executed a motorcycle crash test on December 16. The test was designed to replicate a crash where the vehicle experienced rotation due to an eccentric strike from the motorcycle.  Calculations were then done solving for the torque at the tires, rotation rate, and change in velocity upon impact.  The crash was successful in validating the methods taught in the classroom.

Stanford gives special thanks to Chief Chuck Odom and Jason McDowell from the Union City Police Department and Pete Jones and Joey Powell from the Cobb County Police Department.