Using GPSTC FacilitiesThe Georgia Public Safety Training Center accepts requests to use GPSTC facilities by outside agencies and organizations when possible, appropriate, and the request does not interfere with the mission of the Training Center. The GPSTC Forsyth campus features many training facilities that public safety agencies will find useful. Browse our training complexes and academic complex now to determine which of GPSTC’s facilities will best serve your needs. When requesting weekend usage of GPSTC facilities, the request must be received 14 days in advance of the anticipated training/event.

To get started planning your training course, meeting, workshop, or event, please contact Facilities and Scheduling at 478-993-4413 or [email protected]


Priority in scheduling is given to state and local public safety agencies. All non-public safety applicants wishing to use GPSTC facilities or services must obtain approval after submitting a completed Facility Request form. Depending on the nature of your event or training course, your agency may need to provide a qualified instructor to oversee all activities.

Any entity requesting to use GPSTC facilities must submit proof of liability insurance when submitting the facility request form. The Facility Request must be completed in its entirety before scheduling can occur. Requests for facility reservations should not be considered as confirmed until affirmation is received from Facilities and Scheduling.

Facility Usage Fees

State agencies and local public safety agencies are not charged facility fees but must pay for any consumable goods or services provided by GPSTC. Examples of consumable goods are: food, gas, ammunition, etc.

No outside catering is permitted on the GPSTC campus; all food/beverage needs must be coordinated through GPSTC.

All others are charged a fee for use of GPSTC facilities. Once your Facility Request is received by Facilities and Scheduling, you will be contacted by our Contract Specialist for base fees and usage. Additional fees may apply depending on the nature of your event and if GPSTC incurs costs associated with your event.


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