Georgia Police Academy
Instructor, Legal, Tactical, Verbal Defense and Influence


First and foremost, John is a proud father and single parent of two, Samantha and John, III (Johnny). He considers the title of Dad, to be the highest honor ever bestowed upon him or any man and has endeavored always, to be proudly representative of same. Prior to the start of his career in law enforcement, Instructor Lowrimore was a paralegal, legal investigator and process server. He began his law enforcement career in 1997, as a Detention Officer with a local Sheriff’s Office. In 1998, he was selected early for Mandate School attendance; he graduated from the Clayton Regional Law Enforcement Academy as the Top Academic Grad in both his and a parallel class. Upon returning from the Academy, Lowrimore was initially assigned to the Court Services Unit and subsequently became actively involved in, and/or assigned to, all operational areas of the Sheriff’s Office. At the change of administration, he was selected for promotion to Lieutenant and slotted as the Assistant Jail Administrator; he turned down both the promotion and the assignment, out of his preference for becoming the Departmental Training Coordinator, a position he held at the rank of Sergeant, for some seven years. During his tenure, he oversaw State and Federal Surplus Property Accountability Inventories and in house firearms, firearms maintenance and ammunition accountability. He undertook a fundamental and wholesale restructuring of the agency’s pre-employment, separation, disciplinary, promotion, physical fitness, mandate selection and firearms/use of force training policies and procedures. He pursued timely and accurate compliance with and reporting to, P.O.S.T. Council. His highly competitive Pre-Mandate preparation and selection program became a model for other agencies. He also took on the researching, review/revision, creation, approval and implementation, across divisional lines, of model post orders and best practices. Lowrimore held positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Assistant Commander of the Sheriff’s Office’s Dive and Underwater Evidence Recovery Team, along with many other positions of responsibility and accountability within the department. He implemented pervasive, cross-divisional in-house training in satisfaction of the FEMA initial NIMS/ICS training mandates.

Additionally, Lowrimore served a two year term as an Associate Magistrate Judge for criminal and civil matters
prior to arriving at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in January of 2015.

Lowrimore is the current UAS (Unmanned Aircraft Systems) Coordinator and Legal Subjects Instructor for GPSTC.

Courses Currently/Previously Authored/Taught/Coordinated at GPSTC
Advanced Report Writing
Arson Investigator Level 2 (adjunct)
Child Victim Investigation Fundamentals
Child First
Child First Forensic Protocol Update
Criminal Apprehension for Patrol
Criminal Investigation Fundamentals (adjunct)
Criminal Procedures
Law Enforcement Officer’s Response to Domestic Violence
Introduction to Drug Enforcement
Drug Identification
High Risk Warrant and Arrest Tactics
Marijuana Certified Examiner
Marijuana Certified Examiner Re-Certification
School Resource Officer
Search and Seizure for Law Enforcement
Search Warrants and Affidavits – Advanced
Sexual Assault Investigations
Verbal Defense and Influence
Effective Report Writing for Public Safety Professionals
GA POST Registered Jail Officer
GA POST Jail Officer
GA POST Basic Peace Officer
GA POST Intermediate Peace Officer
GA POST Senior Deputy
GA POST General Instructor
GA POST Firearms Instructor
TASER Instructor
OC Instructor
Stop Sticks Instructor
Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Instructor
Civilian Response to Active Shooter Events Instructor
GCIC Security and Integrity Instructor
Verbal Defense and Influence Instructor
Fair and Impartial Policing Instructor
Blue Courage Instructor
FEMA Professional Development Program Certificate Holder
Georgia Council of Magistrate Court Judges