wilsonBasic Training Division
Manager, Cherokee Regional Academy

Georgia State Patrol 76th Trooper School
Basic Mandate Law Enforcement
A.A., Andrew College


Chadd M. Wilson began his law enforcement career as a radio operator with the Georgia State Patrol (GSP) in 1999. The following year, he was selected to attend the 76th Trooper School. After graduating from Trooper School, Wilson was assigned to Post 28 Canton, Post 34 Manchester, and Post 30 Cordele. During his service with GSP, Wilson developed his teaching skills, serving with the Training Section as a staff and adjunct instructor.

In 2004, Wilson was assigned to the GSP Mobile Firearms Simulator and traveled the state, training troopers in judgmental pistol shooting. During the training leading up to the G-8 Summit held at Sea Island, GA, Wilson served as a mobile field force instructor and as a respiratory protection instructor. Additionally, Wilson was a member of the Georgia SWAT entry team, and he was selected to serve on several special duty details.

Wilson accepted a position with the Crisp County Sheriff’s Office in 2007. During his tenure with Crisp County SO, Wilson served as a patrol deputy, field training officer and training officer and also served as a member of the Crisp County K-9 Tracking Team and the Tri-County Special Response Team, a multi-jurisdictional tactical team. The next year, Wilson became the Chief Investigator for the Wilcox County Sheriff’s Office. He also worked as a drug investigator for the South Central Drug Task Force.

Having sharpened his skills as a training officer, Wilson returned to state government in 2010 as a class coordinator for basic mandate training with the GPSTC Regional Police Academy in Savannah. In this role, Wilson oversaw more than 3000 hours of classroom and practical exercise training.

In 2012, Wilson assumed his current role as the State Field Sobriety Coordinator with the Georgia Police Academy’s (GPA) Impaired Driving/Traffic Section where he continues to grow the highly successful SFST program.


Primary Instructor:

NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety
RADAR Operator’s Course
NHTSA/IACP Standardized Field Sobriety Instructor Training
LIDAR Operator’s Course
NHTSA/IACP Drug Recognition Expert Course
RADAR Instructor Training
NHTSA/IACP Drug Recognition Expert Instructor Training
LIDAR Instructor Training
Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement
Advanced Traffic Law

Adjunct Instructor:

Georgia Basic Mandate Course
Georgia State Patrol Trooper School
Supervision Level 1
Supervision Level 2
Supervision Level 3

Professional Certifications

GA POST Peace Officer
GA POST General Instructor
GA POST Firearms Instructor
GA POST Speed Detection Instructor
GA POST Defensive Tactics Instructor
GA POST Driver Training Instructor
GA POST Supervisory
International Association of Chiefs of Police Drug Recognition Expert
International Association of Chiefs of Police Drug Recognition Expert Instructor
U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency Certified Clandestine Laboratory Investigation
GBI Certified Marijuana Examiner