GPSTC Regional Academy – Macon


Buck Forte began his Law Enforcement career in 2004 with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office as a detention officer. In 2005 he was chosen to attend the Basic Law Enforcement Training that was held at the GPSTC regional academy in Macon, GA. A couple of months after returning from Basic Law Enforcement, Buck was promoted to the patrol division. During his time in the patrol division he advanced through the ranks and in 2013 was promoted to Sergeant in charge of a patrol shift. While working with the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office, Buck Forte was also a member of the Laurens County S.R.T. Team. During his time on the team he was assigned to the perimeter team, counter sniper team and entry team. In 2017 he began his career at GPSTC with the Firearms Division.


GA POST Peace Officer
GA POST Jail Training Course
GA POST General Instructor
GA POST Firearms Instructor
GA POST First Responder
NTOA Leadership and Development
Leo Group Advanced SWAT
Police Countersniper Level 1
Police Countersniper Level 2

Primary Instructor:

Basic SWAT
Police Countersniper Level 1
Police Countersniper Level 2

Adjunct Instructor:

Semi-Auto Pistol Level 1
Semi-Auto Pistol Level 2
Law Enforcement Rifle for Patrol
Officer Survival
Officer Survival 2
Concealed Carry Handgun
Shotgun Skills
Tactical Submachine Gun