Georgia Police Academy
Training Instructor III, Drivers Training


Middle Georgia Regional Police Academy


Brian Stokes began his professional career serving as a jail officer in 1995 for the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office in Dublin, Georgia. Stokes moved up the ranks working in several different positions throughout his twenty two year career including Patrol, Drug Unit, Traffic (I.C.E.), Investigations and Warrant Service Division.

Stokes helped establish the Sheriffs Response Team and served as team leader and commander from 2006-2017. Stokes also served as General Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Taser Instructor and Defensive Tactics Instructor for the department along with the Sheriff’s Response Team.

Stokes joined the staff at the Georgia Public safety Training Center in the Police Academy’s Drivers Training Section in 2017, where he will apply his years of law enforcement experience to train Georgia’s Law enforcement officers.


GA POST General Instructor
GA POST Firearms Instructor
GA POST Defensive Tactics Instructor
GA POST Precision and Immobilization Technique Instructor
GA POST Taser Instructor
Active Shooter Instructor
Pepper ball Instructor
Less Lethal Instructor
Shotgun Instructor


Medal of Valor recipient
Governor’s award for assisting a Trooper
Letter of accommodation from Congressman Matt Hatchett for Heroism