The Georgia Public Safety Training Center will offer Clandestine Laboratory Site Safety Officer, April 4-April 6, 2017.

This course is directed to the certified clandestine laboratory investigator. It will begin where the Basic Clandestine course leaves off and add more in-depth training on the necessary mechanisms for safely conducting a clandestine laboratory investigation.


A Clandestine Laboratory Site Safety Officer is a necessary part of the incident command structure for the proper investigation and disposal of methamphetamine and other drug manufacturing clandestine laboratories. This training will supplement the training received in the basic clandestine investigator course and will enable the site safety officer to implement effective strategies and measures to ensure the safety of all responders and others at the scene.


Prerequisite: Students should have already completed a Basic Clandestine Investigator’s course and must have maintained that certification through the mandatory annual re-certification specified by OSHA 1910.120 & 1910.134.


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