The Georgia Public Safety Training Center is offering Basic Clandestine Laboratory Investigator Course on March 13, 2017.


This 50-hour course is designed to prepare officers responsible for the investigation, assessment and processing of illicit clandestine drug laboratories in accordance with OSHA & EPA regulations. Topics covered in this course will be an overview of labs, toxicology, chemical and physical hazards, air monitoring, protective clothing, respiratory protection, site control, chemical handling, and legal issues. After-hour practical exercises will be assigned.

Prerequisites: Before attending this course, the student must be certified by a physician to be medically qualified to participate in the program. Selected applicants will receive a detailed outline of the medical requirements. Since respiratory protective apparatus will need to be worn, students will not be allowed to have beards or goatees. Trimmed mustaches are acceptable, if they don’t prevent a good mask/face seal while wearing respiratory protection. Due to the nature of this course, only sworn law enforcement officers who are currently employed by a city, county, state or federal agency, who are currently assigned to investigate illicit drug manufacturing laboratories, (i.e. either a drug unit or taskforce) may take this course. Tactical gear for this course will not be issued by the Georgia Police Academy.



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