ATV use in the public safety community is on the rise. The Georgia Public Safety Training Center is offering two separate Basic ATV Operators Courses that will address safe operations of these vehicles. These two classes will be held on December 20 and December 21.

This basic course offers novice operators an opportunity to learn inspection and operation techniques for safe use. This course provides public safety ATV users information and hands-on training that covers how to operate an ATV safely in the most common applications.

Additional information:

Students accepted into the course will need to provide an ATV and bring the following ATV safety equipment: helmet, goggles (unless the helmet has a wind screen), long pants, and over-the-ankle boots. Rain gear, gloves, and long sleeves may be needed, depending on weather. A personal hydration device (camelback, etc.) is recommended as well.



Seats are limited for this ATV course.

To register for December 20th, click here.

To register for December 21st, click here.

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