The Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Public Safety Training Center are teaming together to offer Dynamics of Officer/Citizen Encounters on June 8 in Forsyth, GA.

This course is POST approved for the new Community Relations Training requirement!

Since this is an era of intense public scrutiny, organizations are re-examining how officers interact with the public. This course provides evidence-based methods of simultaneously enhancing public relations while increasing officer safety. It is founded upon the principle of transforming good officers into great officers.


Through case studies, interactive discussions, and videos, officers will learn to:

-“Unleash the Power of Unconditional Respect” to increase officer safety and effectiveness

-Examine current legal principles affecting all officer/citizen contacts

-Detect anomalies from baseline behaviors that indicate potential threats

-Identify characteristics of armed individuals utilizing enhanced visual assessment

-Identify solutions to common stop challenges, such as open-carry advocates, sovereign citizens, refusal to identify, videotaping of enforcement actions, and more; and

-Define the Guardian Mindset and understand what it is and what it is not.


Applicants who complete this training will receive 8 hours POST credit, which can be used to fulfill the elective requirement in the new Community Relations Training curriculum.

Downloadable Flyer