Whether you’re training Tactical Operators, Patrol Officers, or Drug Enforcement Units, the Basic Tactical Shield Instructor course will help you become more proficient as a ballistic shield operator and instructor. This intensive three-day Safariland course provides instructors with the techniques and skills required to train their department’s personnel while operating with a ballistic shield. Students will learn drills, shooting techniques, and tactics for the ballistic shield officer, while being required to make presentations, supervise range drills and develop course(s) of fire.


On the first day, fundamentals and individual shooting skills will be covered. The second day focuses on individual/team techniques and drills, including stacking, officer-down rescues, approaching doorways, threshold evaluation, port-and-cover window tactics, and stairway and hallway considerations. The third day is a half-day (morning only) devoted to students completing the course requirements, including firearms qualification, a written exam, courses of fire, and classroom presentations. Students will be evaluated on their knowledge of the topic, instructional skills and safety considerations.


Courseware, the booklet and CD, will be provided. However, students will need to provide full-duty, tactical gear/armor, including ballistic helmet (tactical), appropriate range attire, duty gear, armor and ballistic helmet (patrol), eye and ear protection, ballistic shield with viewport (if you have one available), handgun and three magazines, 200 rounds of handgun ammunition, gas mask/carrier, pen or pencil, and notepad.


Prerequisites: Basic firearms proficiency and instructor background preferred. The Safariland Training Group provides instruction to sworn law-enforcement officers, correctional personnel, or active military personnel only. There is a tuition charge for this course that must be paid to Safariland. Students must register with Safariland and GPSTC.  



Location: Forsyth, GA

Date: January 23-25, 2017


Host Address: 1000 Indian Springs Drive, Forsyth, GA 31029

Duration: 2.5 days

Tuition: $395.00

POST Hours: 24

Safariland Contact Number: (800) 347-1200




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