The Georgia Public Safety Training Center has developed a Public Safety Diver course. This 120 hour course will prepare the student for the unique duties associated with public safety diving issues. Phase One (40 hours) of the training is the NAUI entry-level scuba certification course. Students will be provided with the fundamental knowledge and skills to scuba dive. Upon successful completion of Phase One, the student will be considered competent to engage in open water activities. Phase Two (40 hours) is the intermediate phase of the Public Safety Diver Program. Due to the environments in which Public Safety Divers are required to dive, many hazards exist (i.e entanglements, cold water, low visibility, strong currents). This phase provides the student with the knowledge and ability to take care of themselves and other members of the team. Lessons provide instruction in SCUBA rescues involving entangled, tired, panicky, unconscious, and missing divers. Phase Three (40 hours) is the final phase of the Public Safety Diver Program. Instruction will provide additional training for diving at night, during inclement weather, and in zero visibility water. Emphasis will be placed on other duties of the Public Safety Diver such as evidence retrieval, underwater investigations, and media relations.

No prior training or dive certification is required; however, the student must be affiliated with a public safety dive team (letter from Department Director required). Candidates must provide certification of good health from a medical professional specifying that they are fit to engage in scuba diving activities. Medical Form will be provided after application is received. Candidates must be able to swim unaided a distance of 200 meters, tread water and swim under water a horizontal distance of 15 meters.

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