If you have been selected to instruct NIMS 300 & 400 courses, sign up now for our February 9-13, 2015 NIMS 300/400 Train-the-Trainer course!

This course provides training and resources for instructor-certified personnel selected to instruct NIMS 300 & 400 for GPSTC and other state or local agencies in Georgia.

To attend this course, you must have completed NIMS ICS 100,200,300 & 400. P.O.S.T., NPQ Instructor Certification or equivalent instructor training as determined by the Director of the Georgia Fire Academy.

If using equivalence as the prerequisite, it is incumbent upon the applicant to send this documentation to the course coordinator at the same time as registration so it can be evaluated.

This course provides a fundamentals review for NIMS training to public safety instructors on GPSTC processes & procedures, ICS, Unified Command, Incident Assessment, Planning Process, Incident Resource Management, Demobilization, Transfer & Closeout, Command & General Staff, Complex Incident Management and Multi-agency Coordination, for personnel who are required to instruct NIMS 300 & 400 courses.

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