The Georgia Public Safety Training Center is now offering a new Defensive Tactics Instructor course. On June 30, 2017, this course was approved for P.O.S.T. credit.

This course is designed for P.O.S.T. certified general instructors who have completed a 40-hour Defensive Tactics and the Use of Force and De-escalation Options for Gaining Compliance course within the last 12 months. Training topics will include: control and restraint techniques; handgun retention and disarming skills; handcuffing and searching; active countermeasures; O.C. deployment; and self-defense techniques against common attacks.

Prerequisites: Submit a copy of your P.O.S.T. Instructor Training certification, a copy of your basic Defensive Tactics certificate, and a medical waiver for Oleoresin Capsicum training. The online Use of Force and De-escalation Options for Gaining Compliance class offered by GPSTC must have been completed within the past 12 months.

Effective January 1, 2018, students will also be required to pass a fitness test on the first day of class. The fitness test will include:

  • 25 push-ups
  • 30 sit-ups
  • A 1-rep max bench press equal to 75% of the student’s body weight
  • Run 1.5 miles in 16 minutes or less


Special Notes: This class certifies the student to teach Defensive Tactics, Expandable Baton Basic, and Oleoresin Capsicum Familiarization. Students must bring their duty belt (no weapon), handcuffs with key, baton with holder, mouth guard, jock strap with cup, non-marking court shoes, and personal body armor.


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