On September 25, the Georgia Public Safety Training Center will be hosting a Concealed Carry Instructor Workshop for Firearms Instructors. This course will merge combative handgun techniques with everyday carry and concealment of the personal handgun. Classroom and range time will be combined to give the student a solid understanding of what is needed to deploy the combative handgun from a covering garment.


Topics to be covered:

  • Gun and holster selection
  • Locating your own personal carry “sweet spot”
  • Garment removal techniques
  • Draw techniques (with an emphasis on belt carry)
  • Enhancing combative pistol and holster skills
  • Movement while shooting
  • Seated shooting and shooting in/around vehicles
  • Proper ID and engagement


Equipment Required: Wraparound eye protection, ear protection, brimmed hat, pistol with three magazines, concealment style holster, and magazine pouch.

Special Notes: This course will be two days, and the $450 tuition must be paid to Team One Network. Registration and tuition are due prior to the first day of class. To receive POST credit, students must also register with GPSTC. Students will need to bring 600 pistol rounds.


Click here to register with Team One Network.

Click here to register with GPSTC.



If you have any additional questions, please contact Jason McDaniel at 478-993-9494.