The Georgia Police Academy is hosting Foundations of Terrorism on September 19, 2016 and Forensic Statement Analysis on September 29, 2016 on Georgia Public Safety Training Center’s main campus in Forsyth, GA.


Foundations of Terrorism 

Foundations of Terrorism will examine the foundations of terrorism, and the operational framework of methods and techniques terrorist adhere to. Statistically shown, terrorist perpetrators rarely engage in random, capricious acts without discernable degrees of premeditation.

When laying the groundwork for a violent act, terrorist decision-makers historically follow a preliminary sequence of activities called the Terrorist Decision Cycle. While attending this course, students will examine the groundwork for a violent act and discuss how it links to the Terrorist Decision Cycle. Key facets of terrorism, such as target selection and means of attack, will be examined in detail as well.

Prerequisite: Certified Peace Officer.


Forensic Statement Analysis

Forensic Statement Analysis will provide students with the knowledge and skills for successful analysis of written statements relevant to all crimes, including terrorism related activities. Through analysis of actual statements from prior investigations, practical exercises and media interviews, students will learn analysis techniques necessary to identify missing information, identify sensitive information, and determine if the subject is being truthful or deceptive.

Prerequisites: Due to the nature of the course, the following prerequisites must be met: (1) Students must be employed by a local, state or federal public safety agency. (2) Students must be a P.O.S.T. certified Basic Law Enforcement Officer or Fire Standards and Training certified State Fire Investigator. (3) Non-law enforcement certified applicants with pending felony charges or convictions are prohibited from attendance. The course coordinator may require the production of a criminal history record prior to attendance for non-LEO certified applicants.


Seats are limited for both courses; register as soon as possible!

Foundations of Terrorism:

Forensic Statement Analysis: