Under the Governor’s Initiative yearly training requirements, P.O.S.T. certified law enforcement officers are required to take courses covering the Use of Force, De-escalation, and two credit hours of Community Policing.

To fulfill the De-escalation requirement, officers will be allowed to take the stand-alone De-escalation Options for Gaining Compliance course, the combined Use of Force and De-escalation Options for Gaining Compliance,  or the Autism and De-escalation course.

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center is also proud to announce the 2019 launching of Start the Conversation, a new online Governor’s Initiative Community Policing course that seeks to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health issues.

Below is a listing of all online Community Policing courses offered by GPSTC. Courses range from one to three hours P.O.S.T. Community Policing credit. Certified law enforcement officers must have a minimum of two hours P.O.S.T. Community Policing credit each year.

These courses are inclusive of, not in addition to, the 20-hour continuing education required by O.C.G.A. 35-8-21.

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