Job Description

Under limited supervision of the Training Unit Supervisor, the Public Safety, Trainer 3 position functions to serve as an instructor for public safety training in basic and advanced topics for emergency communications. This position participates in needs assessment, research, design, and evaluation of public safety training curriculum. This position also ensures assigned training programs accurately assess student learning and performance through the use of appropriate instructional strategies, online and/or written examinations, job-related performance tests, and other achievement measures.

Primary Duties & Responsibilities

  • Administers day-to-day operations of assigned training program. Plans, coordinates, and schedules training courses
  • Trains public safety students in critical public safety skills or specialties. Supervise adjunct instructors and role players
  • Develops and updates lesson plans and other instructional material for assigned courses
  • Performs administrative duties related to public safety training

Required Knowledge, Skills, & Abilities

  • Knowledge of current trends in instructional design and adult learning
  • Knowledge of principles and methods for developing instructional materials
  • Knowledge of laws, rules, policies, procedures relating to public safety communications training programs
  • Knowledge of data collections and analysis methods
  • Knowledge of using job and task analysis data to create instructional materials
  • Skill in using Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)
  • Skill in effective verbal and written communication
  • Skill in planning, designing, and evaluating instructional programs
  • Skill in developing engaging activities that promote learning retention and transfer
  • Skill in conducting literature reviews and compiling research in prescribed formats (e.g., instructional practices, criminal justice)
  • Ability to work on multiple, complex projects
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to interact effectively with others and maintain working relationships
  • Ability to use problem solving techniques
  • Ability to apply theoretical concepts (adult learning theory, ISD principles) in real-world training scenarios

Minimum Qualifications

Eighteen months of work experience as an instructor providing training development and delivery in public safety related topics OR minimum of five (5) years’ work experience in emergency communications (911); OR a combination of five (5) years’ work experience in emergency communications (911) AND law enforcement, corrections, firefighting, EMS, emergency communications (911), or emergency management, of which three years involved providing diversified training development and delivery as an adjunct instructor and/or departmental training officer.

Preferred Qualifications

Preference may be given to those applicants who, in addition to meeting the minimum training and experience requirements, possess one or more of the following:

  • POST Senior Instructor Certification
  • POST Master Instructor Certification
  • APCO/NENA Certifications (RPL, CPE, ENP, CMCP, CTO, etc.)
  • Strong research and writing skills
  • Ability to demonstrate effective communications officer job skills to include call receiving and dispatching

Certifications Required

  • POST General Instructor Certification

Apply Today!

Job Vacancy Announcement #19-010040

Submit required application and supplemental documents to:

  • Human Resources – GPSTC
    1000 Indian Springs Drive
    Forsyth, Georgia 31029,
  • Email application packet to [email protected], OR
  • Fax to (478) 993-4229

Application deadline is November 15, 2019. Submissions must be made no later than 5:00 p.m. of the deadline date.

Contact (478) 993-4411 with any questions.

Application Requirements

  • State of Georgia Application for Employment (completed & signed)
  • Resume (Optional to those providing sufficient detail in application to describe duties performed in current/past employment.)
  • Copy of POST Officer Profile Report reflecting certifications, employment, & training record if applicable

Submitted application & documents will be reviewed to determine those applicants selected for interview appointment.