The following equipment is required of cadets attending the Basic Law Enforcement Training Program at GPSTC Columbus.
  1. Black Shoes/Boots: one pair (must hold a shine, inspected daily)
  2. Academy Logo polo shirts, white (3)
  3. Academy Logo t-shirts, navy (3)
  4. Tactical pants, khaki (5.11, Tru-Tech, or Proper preferred)
  5. Belt, black
  6. Baseball style hat for firing range (1)
  7. Weather appropriate exercise clothing
  8. Athletic shoes (1 pair)
  9. Duty belt, black (leather or nylon) with minimum of 3 belt keepers
  10. Holster (leather or nylon), security level 2 minimum
  11. Pistol with three magazines and magazine pouch in .40, .45 or 9mm calibers. Pre-service candidates must have pistol approved prior to the first day of class. Pre-service candidates may be able to borrow Academy pistols if they are available, so please check before purchasing a weapon.
  12. Flashlight with batteries and flashlight holder/ring
  13. Handcuffs with keys and handcuff case (no corrections high security cuffs, please)
  14. Expandable baton and baton holster. Pre-service candidates may borrow this from the academy.
  15. Safety  glasses
  16. Classroom supplies (notebook, paper, pencils, black ball point pens)
  17. A flash drive (thumb drive) for downloading required material. The Peace Officers Reference Text (PORT) will be provided to you this way.
Appropriate civilian clothing or departmental uniform is excepted for all courses offered at the Columbus Basic Training Academy. Sweats, shorts, jeans or t-shirts are not acceptable attire.

Uniform Vendors

For a list of local vendors that stock Academy logo merchandise, please contact the Academy.