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Sosniak v. The State, S10A0335, 10 FCDR 1853, June 7, 2010: 
Marcin “Martin” Sosniak and his co-defendants, Jason McGhee and Frank Ortegon, have been indicted for four counts each of malice murder and felony murder, as well as for related crimes. Sosniak’s appeals the trial courts order denying Sosniak’s motion to exclude his Pre-Miranda and Post-Miranda statements to law enforcement officers and any evidence obtained as a result and in its order addressing the admissibility of certain victim impact evidence.

Robinson v The State, 286 Ga. 42, 684 S.E.2d 863, Oct 5, 2009 
The Georgia Supreme Court ruled that Robinson’s statement during interrogation, “Uhm, yeah, I would like a lawyer,” was an unequivocal request for counsel and the interrogation should have stopped.