Training Divisions

Training Divisions at GPSTCBasic Training Division

Ray Saxon, Division Director
Linda Clements, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4622
Fax: (478) 993-4295

The Basic Training Division conducts Georgia’s basic, state-mandated training for the law enforcement officers, jail officers and communications officers. In addition to the main campus in Forsyth, the division operates eight regional academies in Athens, Bibb, Cherokee, Columbia/Richmond, Columbus, Rome, Garden City, and Tifton.

Georgia Fire Academy

Ike McConnell, Division Director
Mary Greenfield, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4670
Fax: (478) 993-4671

Jeff Dean, Advanced/Specialized Section Manager
Luanne Bailey, Secretary
 Phone: (478) 993-4674
 Fax: (478) 993-4671
Mike Byrd, Fire Suppression/Fire Station Section Manager 
Delores Green, Secretary
 Phone: (478) 993-4315
 Fax (478) 993-4686

The Georgia Fire Academy oversees all training—both basic and advanced—for career and volunteer firefighters in the state of Georgia. As a division of GPSTC, the Fire Academy operates out of the main campus in Forsyth, Georgia and conducts training at offsite locations. Additionally, the National Fire Academy (NFA) has designated the Georgia Fire Academy to host and deliver national training programs, developed by NFA, to firefighters in Georgia.

Georgia Police Academy

Bruce Stanford, Division Director
Ginny Sapp, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4467
Fax: (478) 993-4497

The Georgia Police Academy provides advanced and specialized training for Georgia’s certified law enforcement officers in dozens of instructional areas including: criminal investigations, traffic safety and enforcement, police operations, legal death and forensic investigations, drug investigations, community-oriented policing, and counterterrorism.

Instructional Services Division: Instructor Training

Cheryl Greathouse, Division Director
Wanda Freeman, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4263
Fax: (478) 993-4647

Instructor Training, which is offered through GPSTC’s Instructional Services Division, allows Georgia’s public safety officials to become certified to train other public safety personnel in their local jurisdictions. These courses are designed for public safety personnel who are responsible for instruction in performance-oriented training or who are responsible for developing lesson plans. In addition to general instructor training, GPSTC provides specialized instructor training in the areas of: DUI/SFST, Firefighter, Defensive Tactics, DRE, Firearms, Health and Wellness, LIDAR/RADAR and more.

Instructional Services Division: Online Learning

Cheryl Greathouse, Division Director
Wanda Freeman, Division Secretary
Phone: (478) 993-4263
Fax: (478) 993-4647

GPSTC’s Online Learning programs are offered through the Instructional Services Division and allow Georgia’s public safety officials to enroll in online training modules for POST credit. GPSTC uses the latest technology to provide online training in three different formats: independent online learning, interactive online learning, and blended learning, which combines self-guided lessons with interactive instruction.


Jenny Lynn Bruner, Section Manager
Phone: (404) 624-2262
Email: [email protected]

The Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) and Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency (GEMA/HS) is pleased to announce changes to enhance the training of the Georgia Public Safety Community, to better prepare the State’s readiness for Disasters and Emergencies on our State Highways.

On September 1, 2017, the NIMS All-Hazard ICS training will be moved from the Georgia Fire Academy (GFA) to the GEMA/HS Training Unit. This move is made to enhance the true All-Hazard approach of the Incident Command System (ICS) and to enhance the development of Incident Management Teams throughout the State. This effort will allow GEMA/HS to create true All Hazard’s Incident Management Teams by using multi-discipline, multi-agency, and multi-jurisdictional personnel.

All existing scheduled courses for ICS 300, ICS 400 and All Hazard Position Specific trainings will be handled through the GEMA/HS Training Registration System @

The training effort will be led by Jenny Lynn Bruner, who will be moving to the GEMA/HS Training Unit on September 1, 2017. After the move, she can be contacted at the GEMA/HS Training Unit, 404-624-2262 or [email protected]


The Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training is a dynamic collaboration of professionals committed to people with mental illness and other brain disorders. The CIT program is presented by the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in collaboration with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, the Georgia Department of Human Resources Division of Mental Health, Development Disabilities, Addictive Diseases, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, Georgia Association of Chiefs of Police, and Georgia Sheriff’s Association, Inc.

Law enforcement officers who are trained in CIT can effectively assist individuals with mental illness and other brain disorders who are in crisis, therefore advancing public safety and reducing the stigma commonly associated with mental illness. The training will also ensure that people with mental illnesses and other brain disorders always receive treatment, in lieu of incarceration in most cases.

The program is a forty-hour course curriculum approved by the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council as follows:

1. Classroom instructional training involving various mental health topics that address mental illnesses, developmental disabilities, and addictive diseases
2. Site visits to local emergency receiving facilities and state psychiatric hospitals
3. Performance-based training involving the development of de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention skills via role-play scenarios

Law enforcement officers who successfully complete the course are equipped with the skills necessary to safely and effectively respond to individuals with mental health needs and in crisis.
For further information, please contact Pat Strode at (478) 993-5425 / [email protected] or Angie Grogan at (478) 993-4384 / [email protected] We thank everyone for their commitment, and look forward to hearing from you.