Student Authorization Forms

GPSTC Water TowerPublic Safety Agencies can register students online and receive immediate registration status. Students who are unable to have their training officer complete online registration should complete a Student Authorization form in order to enroll in GPSTC training courses. Please select the form that reflects the academy at which you will receive your training.

Registration Policies

Acceptance Limitations

Students are prevented from applying for more than one opening of a course as well as applying for more than one course during the same time period. Students are generally prevented from registering for a course if three employees from the same agency are also registered for the course.

Students can be accepted into no more than two classes at a time during the three month registration period. Some mandatory sequential classes may be exempt.

Cancellations and Substitutions

Substitution is preferred to cancellation. Substitute students must meet the criteria and prerequisites for the course and should either:

  1. Have their training officer process the substitution via the Agency Access page, or
  2. Submit a Student Authorization Form two weeks prior to the start of class with a note indicating a substitution and for whom.

The Registrar’s Office (478) 993-4458 should be notified of cancellations at least 7 days prior to the start date of a course to be marked as a cancellation. This will provide an opportunity for another agency to enroll a student in the course. Any student not canceled within 7 days of the start date of a course will be considered a “no show.” Agencies that accumulate multiple “no shows” may be subject to training restrictions.

Duplicate Student Authorization Forms

Please do not send Student Authorization Forms for the same students to more than one offering of a particular program. For example, do not submit Student Authorization Forms for the same students for the July, August and September offerings of EVOC. If you are not selected for the July offering, you will need to resubmit for a future offering.

No-Show Policy

A no-show for a course denies another person the opportunity to receive training. We urge sending a qualified person as a substitute, or notifying the Registrar’s Office (478) 993-4458 in advance. Students or agencies that accrue more than two no-shows may be denied future training opportunities. Substitutes must submit a Student Authorization Form by fax prior to arriving at the Training Center or must bring the form with them on the first day of class.

Wait Listed Students

If placed on the waiting list, students may not be registered for any other class with the same title, nor any class that starts or ends during the same period. The waiting list is for the specified course only. If the student is not selected for the class before the start date, the registration will be cancelled.