“Start the Conversation,” our highly anticipated documentary, is now available!

This documentary is a video-based learning course designed to provide students with information about public safety induced stress and PTSD. The course also provides public safety personnel with information for recognizing the symptoms of stress, PTSD, and suicide. It includes personal stories from public safety personnel from law enforcement, fire, ems, and communications. Information is provided about peer support, CISM, and other resources available to public safety when faced with stress, PTSD, thoughts of suicide, and line of duty injuries or deaths.


We understand that the nature of the topics discussed are sensitive, and we want to respect your privacy.

If you wish to remain anonymous while viewing this documentary, please click here to access the YouTube link. However, please note that you will NOT receive P.O.S.T. credit.

If you would like to receive P.O.S.T. credit, please click here to access the registration link.

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